About the Photographer

Jim White is passionate about photography.

First published in the 70's, Jim has consistently pursued excellence in the creation of images. Over time, the subjects have changed, the style has changed, and the technology has moved far away from where Jim's personal journey began. But the underlying passion for photography continues to grow.

Jim is the editor-in-chief of the Travel Photographers Network, an online resource for professional and aspiring Travel Photographers. The TPN community is comprised of photographers of all skill and experience levels. Their goal is to help each other to sharpen their skills.

Jim White Photos have been sold to numerous clients across the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand for publication in books and calendars as well as for corporate and private collections. A selection of Travel and Nature Photography images have also been donated to hospitals in Connecticut and London.

Jim has lived in London since 1995 with his wife Vicki Shillington who is an inspiration to him at all times.  Vicki and Jim can frequently be seen on mountain bikes enjoying the more natural areas of Britain.  Jim still considers himself a New Yorker despite the mellowing of his original accent.

Feel free to contact Jim directly at jim@jimwhitephotos.com